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Mac and Cheese Burger at Telegraph Beeryland

Hey, we’re officially the right kind of wrong!

Oakland has a surplus of beer gardens (Drake’s, Lost and Found, The Trappist), but Telegraph is probably the funkiest. Every square inch is graffitied, decor includes old bike wheels and half of a GameStop electronic sign, there’s a wallet-friendly selection of sub-$5 beer cans, and the soundtrack jumps between Bad Brains and Herb Alpert. Despite their lack of pretension, they take their food seriously, with a thoughtful food menu including housemade sausages, a delicious porchetta sandwich and a handful of vegan options, including a hearty tofu hoagie. There are also burgers, one of which is a mac and cheese burger. The burger is large and medium rare, and topped with a layer of mac and cheese that’s been grilled until it achieves a lightly browned crust. Yes, it probably makes an ideal meal for soaking up 3-7 beers and one of the bar’s boozy slushies, but I can attest that it’s also deliciously satisfying stone cold sober. Like those annoying Vegas commercials declare, it’s just the right amount of wrong.

Beeryland Mac and Cheese Burger. “Bay Area Bites Guide to 5 Favorite Spots for Mac and Cheese in Berkeley and Oakland”. Bay Area Bites KQED.


Telegraph Oakland opened in 2012 in the old Mama Buzz (previously Papa Buzz). Owner John Mardikian is officially not a DB according to East Bay Express.  More soon. Watch this spot •

telegraph Oakland in the New York Times

Telegraph Oakland in the New York Times

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